Gigi Cifali (Naples, 1975) is based in Milan and London, where he earned a Master’s degree in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster. Documentary photographer, has been awarded several times and his shots were selected to receive, among others: AOP Photographers Awards (Association of Photographers), IPA International Photography Awards Lucie Foundation Awards, Fuji Photo Awards, Calumet Assistant Photo Awards, London Photographic Association - Photography Competition. Finalist of the François Schneider Fondation Competition ‘Contemporary Talents 2012’, the “Absence of Water” series has been acquired for its Collection and will be permanently exhibited at the Foundation’s Centre d’Art, situated in Wattwiller (France) and entirely dedicated to the meeting of art and water. His works have been featured in international magazines.






Photography, by its intrinsic nature, is witness of reality, is the tale of a given instantaneous data, a time and a place precisely defined in time and space, extracted mechanically from them tobecome eternal. In short time of one click, a physical site turns into a place of memory.
In this context is placed the work and research of Gigi Cifali: a work that is expressed through photographic series that become long stories in the making of changes, mutations, transformations, in which the artist's poetic attitude strongly revives a certain taste of pittoricistico which if in one side has an old-world flavour, in the other raises emotions and involves the viewer in a game of cross-references and gaining topical awareness. Perfect shots and calibrated colors conjure to mind the landscape painting that between 17th and 19th century representation of Arcadian pastoral Idyll becomes a manifestation of power of nature. So, watching New Vesuvian Landscapes, a series of landscapes on the slopes of Vesuvius, is impossible not to think of the classic French delicacy of landscapes, the grandeur and power of German Romantics and refined School of Posillipo. Here the landscape Vesuviano, known to the world for centuries for its beauty, is represented as a round painting devastated by ugliness of illegal building.
In the Absence of Water, Cifali focuses on historical British pools. Cool colours and perfect cuts emphasize the late Victorian architecture, where finely elaborated, in which the taste first 20th century marks the aesthetics of a place of care, but also of fun and sometimes business. Large public swimming pools where at the height of success in the 1930s, gradually become the victim of a abandonment and subsequent degraded to emptiness. Closed or more often demolished due to the unsustainable costs of management. The artist documents in the absence of water the death of a structure that loses its function. Monumental ghosts, without identity, are now abandoned, vestiges of the glories of the past.



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Monday at Jobseekers Class

Transmission Tale



lmages and Signs: Italy, 1969-89

Absence of Water

New Vesuvian Landscapes

End of Dream

Aenaria et Caprae

Gignentia I - II



2015 FAR. Political Terrorism as news from a distant star: "Images and Signs: Italy, 1969-89", TOOLBOX Turin (solo show)
2015 "La Collection", Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller (group show)
2013 "Contemporary Talents 2012", Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller (group show)
2012 "Absence of Water", Galleria Marconi, Cupra Marittima - Ascoli Piceno (solo show)
2012 "Contemporary Visions", Beers.Lambert Gallery, London (group show)
2010 "Della Natura", Galleria Spazio Farini 6, Milan (group show)
2009 "Affluenza", London (group show)
2009 AOP Association of Photographers Awards, AOP Gallery, London (group show)
2009 IPA Lucie Foundation, International Photography Awards Show, New York (group show)
2009 Calumet Assistants Photo Award, London (group show)
2008 "Foto 8: Group Exhibition", Host Gallery, London (group show)